Pendon House Retirement Home / Sheltered Housing

Project Description:

 Henry Boot Construction, Tropo Renewables, Berneslai Homes
 August 2013

Description: Ground source heat pump installation for 1100 sq meter Retirement Home/Sheltered Housing

Client brief: Working alongside the drilling contractor to design & implement the drilling of boreholes, liaising with the mechanical contractor to ensure seamless integration and providing a high quality plant room installation of the heat pumps and hot water system.

Solution: To provide two NIBE ground source heat pumps to provide a total of 100kW with a four compressor design for flexibility and better part load efficiency. The borehole field consists of 12 x 125m holes and the heat distribution system is over-sized radiators with smart metering in each individual dwelling. A 1000 liter thermal store was used to provide domestic hot water in order to ensure an adequate supply and avoid the risks associated with Legionella bacteria in stored hot water systems. For the clients peace of mind a gas boiler was also installed to provide back-up for heating and hot water production.

Main challenge: The borehole drillers had quite a job on with the available space and access being limited and the mechanical contractor met a few stumbling blocks in the roof space but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. Planning the layout of the plant room and finding suitable space for the heat pumps, boiler, buffer, DHW tank, expansion vessels, circulation pumps and all the required valves and fittings was all the more challenging for having to work around existing gas, electric & water supplies.

Client Testimonial:  Ryan O’Loughlin of Henry Boot Construction/Tropo Renewables said- “JKN Renewables have been a pleasure to work with as their knowledge, skills and flexibility have ensured that this complex project has run as smoothly as possible. It is refreshing to see such high standards in a relatively new industry.”

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