Park Drain Hotel building (now offices)

Project Description:

 SK Tax Consultants
Commercial, Ground Source Heat Pump

Description: Ground source heat pump installation with horizontal loops for detached office building with radiators.

Client brief: Replacing the existing oil-fired boiler system with a more efficient and effective form of heating. Replacing certain inadequate radiators and upgrading distribution pipework where required.

Solution: To provide a 40kW NIBE ground source heat pump system to provide heating to all office areas and domestic hot water via a 300 litre thermal store. The ground collector consisted of 6 x 250m loops of 40mm PE100RC (crack resistant) pipe connected to a pre-formed manifold chamber for convenience. After getting the heat pump system in place and upgrading some of the distribution pipes to cope with the higher flow rates, the oil boiler was decommissioned and the heating switched over to the new system in one weekend as the office were in constant use in the week. There were a handful of radiators that had to be upgraded in areas where the heat demand has never been adequately met previously. The existing hot water cylinder had to be replaced and a thermal store was installed to provide hot water on demand and avoid any potential legionella issues.

Main challenge: The ground loops were a bit of a challenge as there were existing services to work around and there were some issue with the ground levels once the soil was reinstated but these were ironed out after commissioning. The switch over to the new system had to be done in one weekend so as to avoid any periods without heating in the offices which are in use Monday to Friday. With this being an old system there were some radiators that were impossible to clean out fully even after a power flushing. These were in areas that had always been cooler than required so were replaced with new ones which finally provided the heat required.

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