• under_floor_heating

    Under floor heating with Flexible options and a high end finish

    Creating comfort with efficient solutions.

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  • air_source_heat_pump

    Low maintenance solutions with Air Source Heat Pumps

    Compact energy efficient solutions, low CO2 and can keep you cool in the summer.

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  • plant_room_install

    Plant room Installations with custom solutions

    Streamlined Pre-packaged solutions assembled off-site to minimise cost and disruption.

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  • hot_water

    Reducing your hot water bill with the power of the sun.

    Up to 60% reduction off your annual hot water bill with carbon free solar thermal energy.

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  • ground_source_heat_pump

    Reduce your fuel bill with a Ground Source Heat Pump

    and provide you with an income through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

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    Heat pump consultants, designers and installers in one solution.

    Independent, expert advice.

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    Making a real difference. Making energy work for you.

    We're here to show you how.

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With over 20 years experience in the heating industry Antony Noonan, the owner of JKN Renewables, has worked closely with many developers, manufacturers and domestic customers building a first rate reputation for offering a professional design and installation service.

Antony Noonan - Gas Safe registered No. 184254

Antony first became certified to work with gas and registered with Corgi as JKN Gas Services way back in 1991. On the 1st of April 2009 the Gas Safe register replaced Corgi and Antony transferred his registration at its introduction.

In 2004 Antony became interested in the renewable energy sector and built a close relationship with Eco Heat Pumps Ltd. (currently Danfoss Heat Pumps). This relationship started when he purchased a ground source heat pump from them for his own self build project. Within a short period of time Antony started to work for Eco Heat Pumps Ltd. as a sub contractor. This relationship quickly developed and Antony was soon offered a full time position as their Technical Manager in 2005.

Danfoss resellerIn the first quarter of 2008 Eco Heat Pumps Ltd. was sold to Danfoss heat pumps and Antony was able to expand his already considerable experience with knowledge gleaned directly from their engineers in Sweden. Danfoss heat pumps engineers have over 40 years of design experience in all aspects of heat pump design successfully delivering solution from small residential installations up to large scale commercial projects.

Joining ICS Heat Pump Technology in the later quarter of 2008 as Projects manager, Antony helped to develop this new division of the ICS group. Antony was kept on his toes by the vast range of Climaventa/Delonghi heat pumps on offer and was still able to maintain a high standard of service.

Adding to his extensive knowledge Antony was once again working closely with engineers but this time in Italy where the Climaventa/Delonghi heat pumps are made. Antony was involved in delivering bespoke solutions for turn-key projects overseeing installations and where necessary providing trade customers with technical support.

Over the course of several years Antony built a professional relationship with Eco Hometec Ltd. In August 2009 Antony joined when he was offered the opportunity to work with a team designing and managing more technically demanding projects. He helped revise the processes and procedures necessary for the technical department to oversee projects through to completion and sign off. Antony also provided technical support to customers and installers who required it.

Working at Eco Hometec only confirmed Antony’s long standing belief that there is a fundamental requirement for an independent company offering solutions which best fit a clients requirements from design through to installation and commissioning. A complete package and an independent consultant.

JKN Renewables – Better Solutions.

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