Legacy SPF calculations

2 September 2014
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2 September 2014, Comments: 0

As you may be aware the government recently launched the domestic RHI scheme to incentivise uptake of renewable heating technologies. So as not to penalise early adopters of these technologies, the government have agreed to include ‘legacy’ installations by which they mean eligible products, fitted by MCS accredited installers on or after 15th July 2009 (and before 9th April 2014). However, these systems will be assigned an SPF (Seasonal Performance Factor) of 2.5 as there was no specific agreed guidance on these calculations at the time. If, at the time of your installation, you made efforts to ensure that your heat pump system could operate at lower temperatures then there is a very strong chance that, with the new SPF calculation guidance in the form of the heat emitter guide (attached), that your system’s SPF could be reassessed and be higher than the standard 2.5. This could result in significantly higher RHI payments but you can only have this done before you apply for the RHI. JKN can offer to perform full room-by-room heat loss calculations and with information provided to us to allow us to check against the Heat Emitter Guide (radiator types & sizes, UFH pipe spacing, floor construction types & finishes) we can reassess the system and complete the ‘Legacy SPF calculation form” for you. Our charge for this would be £295 + VAT and we would need access to plans and U-values along with the info required in the Heat Emitter Guide (attached). Although we cannot guarantee you will get a higher SPF we have always encouraged our clients to opt for the most efficient design so hopefully most people will benefit significantly from this. If you are interested please contact us to get the process started.

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