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As well as the incentives of reducing running costs and cutting CO2 emissions for your heating and hot water production, renewable heating systems can also provide the additional benefit of generating a tax free income via the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Domestic RHI - The ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ is designed to encourage householders to shift towards more sustainable forms of heating via ongoing payments based on the amount of ‘renewable heat’ produced. The proposed tariff levels (from 1-4-18) are as follows -

Ground source heat pumps – 20.89p/kWh.

Air source heat pumps - 10.71p/kWh.

For more information on how the RHI works see here.


Non-Domestic RHI - As its name suggests this scheme is similar to the domestic RHI but is aimed at non-domestic properties and therefore different tariff levels and eligibility criteria apply.  Current tariff levels (as of 1/4/16) are as follows -

Ground source heat pumpsTier 1 (1st 1314 hours) = 9.56p/kWh, Tier 2 (rest of heating season) = 2.85p/kWh

Air source heat pumps - 2.75p/kWh

Tariffs are also available for Biogas, Biomass, Deep Geothermal, Solar Thermal and CHP (NOT BY JKN)

More information on the non-domestic RHI can be found here. And details of how to apply can be found here.


Please contact JKN to see if any of the above is applicable to you.

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